How To Withdraw Money From Chime Without Card

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This question generally creates confusion in the user’s mind. So we are here writing this topic about money withdrawal on Chime without using the card.

Can you withdraw from Chime without a card

The quick reply to this is ‘No’.

You cannot find a straightforward path to withdraw money from the account on Chime without wielding the card.

Yet you can get some alternative means or you can say indirect method, by using which the users can employ its balance on Chime.

The truth is that there are multiple routes by which you can wield the Chime balance. So here we are with the methods that are convenient to withdraw cash from Chime without the card.

How to withdraw money from Chime without a debit card

A. Bank Transfer

It will please you to learn that by following simple steps you can skillfully transfer the cash available on the account on Chime to the bank account.

The steps to follow are:

  • Firstly, go to Chime app on the smartphone and click to open it.
  • In the next step, navigate to the section on ‘Money’.
  • Next, choose the ‘Transfers’ option.
  • Carefully follow the instructions displayed on the screen and thereby send cash to the bank account which is linked with Chime.

B. Online Shopping

The other easy method to wield the Chime balance is purchasing through online shopping by using the debit card if the details of the card are known.

Also, remember that the debit cards on Chime are favored by Visa. It indicates that the Chime user can employ the debit card wherever a Visa card is accepted as the method of payment.

C. Chime- Chime Transfer

One of the options is to transfer cash to a friend’s account directly from your Chime account of yours in an easy manner. Later, once you transfer the money, you can use the friend’s card to withdraw the cash.

Where to withdraw cash from Chime account without a card

Chime possesses a huge figure of ATMs within its network. At present, with the assistance of Visa Plus Alliance and MoneyPass Chime has been operating over 38,000 ATMs.

Take note that, without the Chime card there is no use of the ATMs, which means to withdraw or cash out funds from the Chime account, you need to possess a generated Chime card.

As per concern on cash withdrawal without a debit card, keep in mind that you can employ any of the above-mentioned means using which you will be able to spend the funds from the Chime balance. Like doing purchases online, sending money to some other users of Chime, or performing bank transfers.

Penning Down:

However, if you are unable to withdraw cash from Chime without the debit card you have got three alternatives that have been mentioned above. Simply stick to any of the three methods so as to spend funds from the Chime account. Hope you will find it valuable.

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