Why did Chime Deny Me?

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Looking to the present times, online banking has been more prominent than before.

Chime, with above 13M customers is a famous online financial institution that works only through the online platform. Chime makes partners with the other banks and enables both savings and checking accounts, the accounts are FDIC-insured. Thus, users can assure money is safe and secure up to $250,000 in the Chime account.

Chime won’t charge its users monthly, yearly, or fees on overdraft. No minimum balance is required and users can make a round of the purchases to the nearest dollar and thereby invest the pennies in the savings account if wish.

Why did Chime deny me an account?

To newly open an account in Chime is quite easy. The only thing you need to do is to verify the personal details. Chime renders its users with easy mobile banking.

Yet, there are cases under which you might be denied for creating a bank account. It may be due to many reasons.

Why did Chime deny me security?

Sometimes, Chime may deny your approval for a bank account. Often it may be due to some sort of typing issue on the application like: wrongly entered SSN or personal details, already existing a Chime account, a minor, not a citizen of U.S., or due to verification failure of a third-party.

This page will let you learn about your question ‘Why does Chime deny me?’ and also fix it.

Reasons on Chime Denied Me

Even though it is not always common for Chime to deny the users, there is a probability to get rejected.

Here we have discussed mostly widespread reasons for Chime denying its users.

i. Fake or Wrong Social Security Number

On entering an incorrect Social Security Number it may result in holding you and cannot proceed further.

If the users wield the third-party website to get Social Security Number, then they won’t be able to create the Chime account.

In case you are caught wielding a fake SSN, then Chime might ban you. So fake or generated SSN won’t work and is against law.

2. Entered Wrong Personal Details

Users need to enter their personal details in order to create an account on Chime. Information like Full name, contact number, mailing address, etc.

These details are required to be entered carefully.

Note: Users must use the official name to create an account and not use nicknames. Otherwise, it may result in rejecting the application for mismatch or discrepancy in the provided details.

3. Already exist a Chime Account

The SSN is related to the Chime account. If Chime discovers another account with the same personal details or maybe SSN exists already in its system then the application will be denied instantly.

Chime won’t permit you to create two Chime accounts under a similar name.

4. Verification Failure from Third Party:

Chime employs a source from a third party in order to verify the personal details on the application. In case there is a failure on the verification, then the application will also get denied.

Even though there is a failure of verification, it may not reflect the eligibility of the application.

Chime may require other documents like driver’s license ID, Passport Military ID, or maybe any additional government-issued ID.

5. Applicants Under-Age

Users need to be 18 years or maybe older in order to apply for a bank account on Chime.

If age proof is not given then Chime may reject the application. As such you cannot create the account.

Minors are not permitted to create a bank account in the U.S.

6. Applicant, not a US Citizen:

Apart to be 18 years old, here applicants need to be a citizen and residents of the U.S. Failing to state prove as a resident of the USA may result in rejection of the application.

Bottom Lines:

By now you may be familiar with why Chime denies users and how one can fix it. It does take the privacy and security of the user’s personal details seriously and as such, they do not sell or share the data with the ChexSystems.

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