Does Chime Accept Third-Party Checks

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  • Chime is a well-known financial firm that works online in the United States covering around 8M customers.
  • Even though it does not run as the traditional bank service, however FDIC insurance encloses the account in order to keep the funds protected and secured.
  • Apart from digital banking, Chime institution enables its customers to access different services which include money transfers from Chime to the Cash App, goal-tracking tools, budgeting tools, and so on.
  • As such, Chime has overwhelmed the steadily rising digital banking company.

The question here arises, does Chime accept or approve third-party checks??

The real truth is that; Yes, Chime does accept checks from a third party under the inference that the check is payable to the users. One must remember that consumers will be able to deposit the mobile check if he/she is an active users of the account on Chime as a central bank.

This page will surely help you to clear your doubts.

Does Chime take/approve Third-Party Checks?

Yes, users can surely deposit the check of some other individual in the Chime account. Still, the deposited check needs to be payable to the user in order to deposit in the Chime checking account.

Check from a third party that is made for out to cash or business or something else won’t get accepted by Chime. Yet, firstly you need to attain an amount minimum of $200 in payroll through direct deposits in the Chime account. Once the deposition in the payroll deposits is done, then the customers can wield the services on Chime check deposit within thirty (30) days.

  1. Third-party checks can be deposited from any type of bank to your Chime account.
  2. By employing the Chime Mobile Check Deposit service, customers simply need to upload photos of valid check and further wait for a while for verification from the Chime team so as to authorize it.
  3. Note that you must verify the details of the check if they are correct at the same time apparently photographed. As checks that are scanned poorly and is uploaded might get rejected because of blurry images or may be of poor lighting.

That’s all about Chime accepting Third-Party Check.

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