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If you have not received your tax refund yet then no need to get stressed about it. As the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has said in a statement that “Combining direct deposit with IRS e-File is the fastest way to receive your refund. IRS problems more than 9 – 10 refunds in less than 21 days. You can track your refund using the IRS’s ‘Where’s My Refund’* tool.” 

Therefore, if you believe IRS then the fastest way to receive your tax refund is through direct deposit and if you have a Chime Spending Account then it becomes much easier and fast. Everyone wants their refund to get credited as soon as possible so Chime Banking Account can save your time.

If you do not have a Chime account then register yourself immediately to get the benefit of various features it offers along with the direct deposit. If you already have a Chime bank account then here you will know how can you get your tax refund on a Chime Card.

Tax Refund with Chime

Filing for a tax refund with a direct deposit is very easy. Follow these simple steps to get your tax refund direct deposited to your Chime account without any hassle:

  1. Get Your Chime Bank Account Details

    You should know your bank account details before filing for a refund, whether it’s online or offline mode. To get your Chime Bank Account and routing numbers use these steps-
    1. Open the Chime app on your phone or log in to your Chime account on the Chime website.
    2. Now select the “Move Money” option and then click on the “Direct Deposit” section to see your Chime Spending Account and routing numbers. 
    3. On the next page, you can even email, download, or print your direct deposit form or your account information. The account detail is needed to file for the direct deposit of your refund.

  2. Enter Correct Spending Account Information while Filing for Refund

    If your taxes are filed by an expert tax preparer or accountant then notify them that you want your tax refund check via direct deposit and give your accurate account details to them. 

    If you are filling out your tax refund by utilizing tax software like TurboTax or Quickbooks, then you will have to select the option of direct deposit when required to answer how you would like to receive your tax refund check. After preferring the direct deposit alternative you will have to enter your Chime Spending Account number and routing number.

    Make sure to double-check or even triple-check the account details given by you to avoid any kind of errors that may terminate your refund.

  3. Receive Prompt Notifications on Your Email or Phone

    You can anticipate getting your refund within 21 days if you have chosen the direct deposit as your payment alternative. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is supposed to emanate 9 out of 10 direct deposit refunds within 21 days. As soon as the refund is deposited to your Chime Spending Account, you will get an email and a text on your mobile notifying you about your tax refund. You can even follow up on your refund status by using the IRS’s ‘Where’s My Refund’* tool. Any amount of direct deposit can be made on your Chime Spending Account but you will have to provide additional verification of your identity and account if you are filing a refund of more than $10000.

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