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At present times, when the thought comes of the instant transfer of cash to your contacts, it has been seen that most people choose to employ an online path.

Still, the bitter fact is sometimes sending funds suddenly may seem to be hectic when it comes to inviting charges. For this, the only solution is to employ a safe, fast, user-friendly, and reliable payment mode where they won’t charge fees.

Here we shall discuss one such app which is Chime. Chime is the online app for banking that has created a vast extent of expectations for its users.

From signing up to receiving and sending cash from and to its contacts via Chime is free of charge. Here bank deposits and instant transfers are also free.

But to send and receiving money might be a bit problematic for the ones who are not aware of the correct method on Chime instant money transfer.

For this reason, we have put forward a guide to clarify the simple process of Chime bank instant transfer i.e to either send or receive money from the contacts by using the Chime mobile application for Chime instant transfer without the card.

How to perform instant transfer Chime

This process won’t take more than a minute when following the steps for instant transfer whether for Chime Venmo or instant transfer by using the payment app on Chime.

So if you are all set by creating and setting the Chime wallet for performing the Chime transfer, then follow the instructions step by step:

Step1: At first, log in to the Chime account by entering the relevant information.

Step2: Now, from the home page, click on the ‘Move Money section.

Step3: On the next page, it will display some choices. From there you need to click on the ‘Transfers’ button from the provided list.

Step4: Further, select the tab on ‘Pay Friend’.

Step5: Next, in this step, you must fill in the name of the recipient and its Chime name.

On the other hand, you may select the name of the person from the contacts list.

Step6: After that, carefully type the amount which you want to send and make sure you fill in the correct amount.

Step7: Thereby before you proceed to send the fund, ensure to check if the details are correct such as the name of the recipient and the money you are sending.

Once you find that everything is good then proceed and click on ‘Send Money.

Note: As per the latest news, it is informed that the users of Chime can send an amount of $2000 per month by using the feature on ‘Pay Friend’.

Hence, we can say that now you have learned on Chime instant transfer to the bank account or phone number and hope it’s helpful for you. If you have any doubt then contact the Chime customer team for further assistance.

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