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In today’s world, none of us like to wait much to get our paycheck and it is more frustrating when the delayed paycheck compels us to pay the bills late. And in this type of circumstances ‘Direct Deposit’ plays a handy role.

  • Direct deposit is the payment option that helps to deposit paychecks automatically to the bank account.
  • It approves the employer to deposit the check into the savings account or checking account rather than issuing a manual check.
  • Direct Deposit enables the users to receive the payment faster when compared to the methods of traditional banking.

So if you are looking to chop your waiting time on loitering for the paycheck or so as to avoid the paper checks on online banking then the direct deposit is the only solution.

Thereby here we bring to you a Direct Deposit method i.e ‘Chime Direct Deposit’. Here we shall discuss how to use Chime and get paid earlier. So go through this page till the end to earn the idea on the Chime direct deposit.

Working of Chime Direct Deposit

chime direct deposit early,
  • Chime is known as an online platform for banking.
  • It delivers its banking services and features to its customers who choose to execute digital payments and transactions Online or through the Mobile App.
  • It offers to get paid quickly, often two days ahead.
  • This direct deposit saves you a considerable deal of time from riding to the bank to deposit the check which eliminates your threat of losing or stealing.
  • Take note that if the payday is on the weekend the fund transfer will be delayed.
  • Chime permits overdraft up to $100 without any fees. With it the early deposit benefits in avoiding overdraft fees.

Some of the Chime bank names for Direct Deposit are Bancorp Bank, and Stride Bank both are members of FDIC, so as to provide you with the bank services. It means that the deposits are protected for up to $250,000

How To Set Up Chime Direct Deposit

In order to prevent the risk of losing paychecks and to be sure of receiving the payments ahead then for this, you need to Sign up for direct deposit which is the crucial part.

So with the program Chime direct deposit, one can register an account either online through its website or by directly downloading the Mobile Application to the Android or iPhone device.

Requirements at the time of Sign Up:-

  • First name 
  • Last name
  • Social Security number
  • Email address
  • The Chime routing number
  • Account number

The steps to Set Up Chime Direct Deposit are as follows:

  1. Log In to the Chime Account:

    Firstly, you need to ‘Log In’ to the Chime account either through the banking platform which is available online or via the Mobile App by downloading it on your device.

  2. Click on the ‘Move Money’ button:

    Next, you must click on the button of ‘Move Money’ to get the routing number of Chime and the account number to provide to your employer.

  3. Alternatively, Get the Chime direct deposit form:

    You can also get the Pre-filled Chime deposit form through the following steps:

    1. In your mobile app, click on the ‘Move Money tab.
    2. Then, hit on ‘Direct Deposit’.
    3. And tap on the ‘Email me a pre-filled direct deposit form’ button.
    4. Go to the website, and hit on the ‘Print’ or ‘Download’ option.

  4. Provide the details to the Payroll provider:

    Now you need to provide the information and details to the Payroll provider or the benefits. You can even send it through Email.

  5. Confirm about setting the direct deposit:

    Lastly, confirm from the provider that they had set up the direct deposit on Chime.

Note: In some cases, the employer may need you to complete and Sign the direct deposit form by giving your approval to deposit the checks to the bank account directly.

How early do you get paid via Chime direct deposit service

With the feature of Chime direct deposit, you will be able to access the funds two days ahead. Chime won’t let you wait and you will immediately get paid once the money is accessible. Moreover, it doesn’t charge you with hidden charges and no monthly charges are applied.

What time does Chime direct deposit hit the most?

Chime direct deposit time depends upon when the employer begins the payment to the Chime account. Chime won’t hold any direct deposits. The money will get transferred to the account once it has been received by Chime. Turn On the push notifications button in the Chime app to get an alert or be notified when you receive payment ahead or when the paycheck comes.

Chime direct deposit limit:

To look into the Chime Direct deposit limit which permits three deposits each day but the total amount of deposit cannot exceed $1,000.

It cannot be more than $10,000 in a month.

To note deposits through a third party can charge you a fee and they set up their own deposit limits.

Penning down:

Thus, the feature of Chime’s direct deposit is one of the great significant banking tools online, which is ideal for individuals who desire to have considerable control over their earned money and avoid paper checks. By using Chime you don’t only get the payment early but at the same time also save a lot on the fees on managing the cash ongoing.

So whether you are an independent contractor, employee, or in between somewhere, almost there nothing feels good as when getting the payment early. Still, if you have any Chime direct deposit issues feel free to reach the ‘Contact Ussupport page for any further information.

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